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Submitted on
April 5, 2012


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Beware of this guy. He uses art as an excuse to get close to other guys' girlfriends and then makes moves on them while covering it up with lies about how he doesn't believe in long distance relationships and one thing and another. If blocked on one account, he'll use another. He's persistant and does not respect boundaries.

His accounts:
         - pacmancorp
         - faux94
         - soja94
        … - the only account I know of that he uses to keep stalking outside of deviantart

Note: He might have more accounts but those are the only ones I know of. If anyone else has any more useful information I can add, please share it.

On a side note, He knows how to get people to believe what he wants them to believe so don't trust him. I highly recommend not to attempt and get involved with this person. If he begs or insists on adding him on msn, skype, or other sites, DO NOT, unless you want to attract problems.

I do in fact have evidence I can use to back this up(messages from him to my girlfriend and a chat log where he was fooled into admitting the truth about how he wanted to separate us and take her from me) but that will not be shared with the general public at this time.  And that is, aside from witness accounts provided by those who have also been victims and have watched him (this was shared after he was exposed in the original post). (Link to page with witness accounts:…

I hope this information can be useful to other couples and people online who might be possible victims of this guy's bad intentions and lack of maturity and self control.

-Updated 5/9/12 -

Edited and added another of his accounts that I was unaware of to the list. He seems to have made the faux94 account only to message soot after being blocked on his main account. I'm not sure but that's an empty account he apparently uses for nothing other than stalking. I believe that one is older than the soja94 account.
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